ROC Modular Announces Acceleration of Industrial Modular Manufacturing

Rapid Growth Of Traditional Sectors In Western And Northern Canada Driving Significant Demand For Remote Solutions

Calgary, Alberta, March 14, 2022 – ROC Modular Inc. (“ROC” or “Company”), a leading manufacturer of modular solutions, has announced the acceleration of industrial modular manufacturing to address the rapid expansion of traditional industries in Western and Northern Canada. The initiative will leverage the team’s historical leadership in industrial module supply across oil & gas, energy, mining, construction and forestry industries.

With thousands of modules of team experience, ROC has provided industry leading capabilities in all aspects of industrial module design and manufacturing. ROC and its predecessor have successfully designed and manufactured mobile office compounds, wash cars, workforce and drill camps, wellsite units, as well as numerous other custom industrial product offerings for remote settings. Proprietary design concepts drive robust end products that withstand the extreme operating conditions, providing longer lifespans and maximizing overall return on investment. 

“Energy and commodity markets are somewhat unpredictable and the market volatility is difficult to time,” said Joe Kiss, President and CEO of ROC. “Our team understands that these markets move up and down, but we have the ongoing firm conviction to react and support our clients’ industrial modular manufacturing requirements. Notwithstanding the zigs and zags, the ultimate opportunity
presented by these sectors is highly compelling for the long term.”

Tony Isaac, Founder & Chief Impact Officer at ROC commented further: “As we approach a renaissance for Western and Northern Canada in terms of energy, food and general commodity production, the global imperative for secure sources of modular infrastructure across energy, forestry and food products will continue to climb. Leveraging our team’s impressive experience in
these market verticals, ROC will provide the necessary high quality remote solutions to facilitate this rapid structural growth.”

About ROC Modular Inc.
Based in Calgary, AB, ROC Modular is an agile manufacturer of modular components, delivering Real Offsite Construction Solutions. With a combined team experience of over 5,000 modules completed in a broad range of markets, the Company has a proven track record of project execution and delivery. With a primary focus on social and affordable, hospitality, multi-family, education and
industrial markets, ROC operates with a distinct social orientation, giving back to the communities it serves, with relentless focus on “building spaces for people to thrive. 

For more information, please contact:
Joseph (Joe) Kiss. M.Eng., P.Eng.
President & CEO

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