Industrial & Commercial


ROC Modular provides industry leading capabilities in all aspects of industrial & commercial modular design and manufacturing. We build everything from site offices, wash cars, workforce housing and drill camps, wellsite units, as well as numerous other custom industrial product offerings for remote settings in oil & gas, energy, mining, construction and forestry industries.

We offer a standard library of existing floorplans as well as custom design build projects to meet your project goals, all projects are designed with durability in mind to withstand extreme operating conditions, providing longer lifespans and maximizing overall return on investment.

Workforce Accommodations

For the evolving demands of workforce accommodations, our modular solutions are a game-changer. With off-site construction and meticulous engineering, we ensure accelerated project completion and optimal cost savings. Despite their efficiency, our modules don’t skimp on design—offering adaptability to cater to both aesthetic and practical requirements. Ensure your employees experience comfort, innovation, and sustainability with our modular accommodations, tailored for the modern workforce.
A high performance energy efficiency crew residence
Modular wellsite projects
The project consisted of 7 modules completed with fully finished interiors

Wellsites & Command Centres

For critical operations like wellsites and command centres, our modular constructions deliver unmatched efficiency and precision. Built off-site with exacting engineering standards, we promise shorter project durations and significant cost savings. Our modular designs maintain a keen focus on both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that even the most rigorous industrial needs are met without sacrificing visual appeal. Equip your operations with our innovative and sustainable modular structures, built for the challenges of the modern industrial landscape.

Site Offices

For on-the-go business operations, our modular site offices are the epitome of efficiency and precision. With off-site construction and detailed engineering, we ensure rapid setup and substantial cost benefits. Our modular solutions blend both form and function, adaptable to the unique design preferences and practical needs of the contemporary corporate world. Elevate your site operations with our state-of-the-art, sustainable, and versatile modular office spaces.
A custom designed 8-unit Modular Office build

Emergency Response / Disaster Relief

In the face of emergencies and natural disasters, our modular constructions stand resilient. Harnessing efficient off-site fabrication and meticulous engineering, we ensure rapid deployment and significant cost-effectiveness. While tailored for urgency, our modular units maintain a focus on functionality and safety, adaptable to diverse relief requirements. Provide victims and first responders with robust, sustainable, and swiftly assembled shelters, with our modular disaster relief solutions.
Rapidly restoring homes to areas affected by disaster and wildfires.

Custom Projects

For bespoke ventures demanding tailored solutions, our modular approach stands unmatched. Leveraging off-site construction and meticulous engineering, we deliver custom projects in significantly reduced timelines and with notable cost savings. Our modular designs seamlessly adapt to the distinct aesthetic and practical requirements of each project, ensuring that uniqueness is never sacrificed for efficiency. Experience the fusion of creativity, sustainability, and innovation with our custom modular constructs.
12x52 Skidded Lab Building delivered to our Client in Calgary, AB
Custom designed industrial build in Saskatchewan
Custom designed industrial build


Reach out to us today, and together we’ll formulate a plan that aligns with your goals for quality, design, cost, and time to market.