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The initiative will create high-quality housing solutions for Indigenous and Northern communities across Canada. With the modular approach the team can develop many housing units at a rapid rate, and using the latest proprietary material science from ZS2 Technologies will result in healthier homes that are fire, water, wind, pest, and mold resistant.
13 Jun 2023
The Company, which was recapitalized in 2019, has become a leading modular manufacturing business serving western Canada and the United States. Today, the Company continues to execute sophisticated modular-based projects and is a trusted project partner alongside of a wide range of general contractors and clients.
23 May 2023
With thousands of modules of team experience, ROC has provided industry leading capabilities in all aspects of industrial module design and manufacturing. ROC and its predecessor have successfully designed and manufactured mobile office compounds, wash cars, workforce and drill camps, wellsite units, as well as numerous other custom industrial product offerings for remote settings.
14 Mar 2022
Joe Kiss, President and CEO of ROC commented, “Striking a relationship with a sophisticated and progressive firm like Synergy further emphasizes the emergence of modular as a vital tool in the construction toolbox. In addressing ongoing challenges related to environmental, social, and affordable housing issues, we are increasingly confident that the use of modular will accelerate dramatically for many years to come.
4 Nov 2021
Ron is an acclaimed business leader with over 50 years of experience in construction, global strategy, enterprise building and investments. He is currently Chairman Emeritus with Graham Construction, one of the country’s leading general contractors with over $2B in sales and a strong presence in the markets in which ROC operates.
26 Oct 2021
Tony Isaac, the original founder of ROC, who has been acting Chief Executive Officer for the last eighteen months, will continue as Founder and Chief Impact Officer of the organization. Kiss will inherit the new role of President and CEO effective immediately.
10 Aug 2021


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