Designed for longevity, these structures showcase the best of innovation, utility, and aesthetics. They are constructed off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring precise engineering, reduced waste, and expedited build times.

Once transported to the final site, they offer the same stability and longevity as traditionally built structures, but with enhanced cost efficiency and flexibility for design changes.

Social Affordable Housing

We are proud to champion social affordable housing by offering versatile, high-quality modular homes designed to lower costs without compromising on comfort or style. These homes, crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, are the perfect blend of affordability, sustainability, and durability. Our construction process reduces both waste and build time, ensuring housing is accessible more quickly for those who need it most. With our modular construction, we’re not just building homes – we’re promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and a sense of community.
A 52-unit modular housing complex for BC Housing.
A 24-unit modular affordable housing complex providing high-quality, energy effi
A highly complex Modular project providing for Alberta Infrastructure
A highly complex Modular project providing for Alberta Infrastructure
A temporary supportive housing building with 40 self-contained units
A 46-suite supportive housing complex for BC Housing

Multi-family & Residential

We harness the power of off-site, environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques to create homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust, sustainable, and built to last. Whether it’s for a single family home, a large apartment complex, or an entire residential community, our state-of-the-art modular solutions ensure reduced build times, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality without sacrificing design and comfort.
A stylish 4-Plex Town-house Development located in inner-City Calgary.
Stunning new 44-module multi-family housing development, located in Ventura, CA
A luxury lakeside modular development consisting of 3 individual homes

Indigenous Housing

In collaboration with Indigenous communities, our modular solutions foster a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Using streamlined off-site production combined with precision engineering, we deliver housing options that respect cultural values while offering swift construction and tangible cost savings. Tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of Indigenous peoples, our modular homes prioritize comfort, sustainability, and safety. Empower communities with culturally resonant, sustainable, and quickly realized housing, through our dedicated modular approach.
We offer Various Floorplan and Building options
This 12-suite complex features 1 and 3-bedroom suites


Whether it’s a branded hotel, or a small motel, our efficient off-site construction and precise engineering guarantee reduced project timelines and overall cost efficiency. Our modular solutions don’t compromise on design, allowing for flexibility to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the modern hospitality sector. Get a faster ROI with the use of modular construction for your next hotel project.
No projects listed yet

Education & Student Housing

Efficient, customizable, and smart modular construction solutions. Our designs focus on creating conducive learning environments and comfortable living spaces that foster growth, collaboration, and well-being. With accelerated build times and reduced environmental impact, our modular construction ensures educational institutions can expand quickly and sustainably. Whether it’s a vibrant classroom, a modern dormitory, or a complete educational complex, we provide high-quality, affordable, and durable spaces that enhance the student experience and stand the test of time.
A LEED Certified project for Alberta Infrastructure
A complex of 3 buildings to provide functional modern childcare facilities
A permanent modular Student Housing Residence for Selkirk College


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