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ROC Modular is an innovative leader in the modular construction industry, offering cutting-edge pre-fabricated modular solutions for our clients across a variety of industries. We offer high quality, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable projects that are completed on a 50% faster schedule.

Prefabricated Modules are completed in a controlled environment in our manufacturing facility, leading to the highest quality and avoiding inclement weather. Site preparation and the factory production of modules runs simultaneously, allowing us to complete projects up to 50% faster than conventional site-built construction.

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Modular Benefits

Why CHOOSE Modular?

ROC Modular is a progressive manufacturer, specializing in re-locatable structures and modular buildings. Our capabilities include design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and site preparation.

Customizable &
Standard Packages

ROC Modular's customers have a great deal of choice and flexibility in the design and specifications of their structures.

Environmentally & socially responsible choice

Choosing a ROC Modular building solution ensures that the product will align with the customer's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by saving energy and reducing emissions.

Cost Effective

Our manufacturing process and facilities are designed and organized to be labour and material efficient.

Mobile Energy has been dealing with ROC Modular since late 2010. Their product is industry leading in design, quality and durability. ROC is excellent in meeting their manufacturing delivery dates, and units are often done ahead of schedule. ROC always takes care of any service or warranty issues immediately, not only fixing the problem but also immediately implanting measures to prevent any further issues. Their entire staff is always professional, friendly and helpful.

Steve Rota

President of Mobile Energy

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