ROC Modular Announces Initiative to Launch New Rapid Response Modular Housing Technology For Indigenous & Northern Communities

ROC Modular

Updated on Jun 13


CALGARY, AB, June 15, 2023—ROC Modular Inc. (“ROC” or “ROC Modular”), a leading provider of innovative offsite construction solutions today announced an initiative in collaboration with ZS2 Technologies Ltd. (“ZS2” or “ZS2 Technologies”) to offer an industry leading modular housing technology in response to Canada’s housing crisis that will provide increased fire safety, durability and environmental sustainability with the efficiencies and speed of delivery associated with modular construction.

The initiative will create high-quality housing solutions for Indigenous and Northern communities across Canada. With the modular approach the team can develop many housing units at a rapid rate, and using the latest proprietary material science from ZS2 Technologies will result in healthier homes that are fire, water, wind, pest, and mold resistant. Utilizing ZS2 Technologies proprietary TechBoard™ and TechPanels™, the homes will also boast superior thermal performance while reducing the embodied carbon footprint of each home.

ROC Modular President & CEO, Joe Kiss stated, “I am delighted that we can work with ZS2 Technologies to expedite rapid modular residential housing production and provide improved fire resistance, especially in a time of increased wildfire activity. Our collaborative offering is uniquely positioned to provide sustainable homes with rapid and cost-effective delivery of much needed housing solutions. This will enable us to deliver a great solution that will provide long-term value to our customers while advancing the sustainability and safety of the off-site construction segment which continues to grow rapidly.”

CEO & Co-Founder of ZS2 Technologies, Scott Jenkins stated, “More than ever the need for rapid and accessible housing is a critical need for communities across Canada. Together with ROC Modular, a true industry leader, we are offering a thoughtfully designed approach that combines modular construction with leading-edge materials based on low-carbon proprietary cement technology. This means not only highly resilient homes that can be rapidly deployed, but also houses that are highly efficient and healthier for the families that will call them home.”

The collaboration will begin with the construction of the new modular homes from the ROC Modular factory located in Bow Island, Alberta, with production starting in 2023. The homes will provide much-needed quality affordable housing for Indigenous and Northern communities across Canada.

About ROC Modular Inc.

Based in Calgary, AB ROC Modular is an agile manufacturer delivering Real Offsite Construction solutions. With a combined team experience of over 5,000 modules completed in a broad range of markets, the Company has a proven track record of project execution and delivery. With a primary focus on social & affordable, hospitality, multi-family, education and industrial markets, ROC operates with a distinct social orientation, giving back to the communities it serves, with a relentless focus on “building spaces for people to thrive.”

About ZS2 Technologies Ltd.

ZS2 Technologies Ltd. develops and manufactures proprietary advanced building technologies including proprietary fire-rated, non-toxic, low-carbon cementitious building materials and prefabricated structural panels. ZS2 delivers high performance building solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, healthcare and assisted living industries in Canada and the United States both directly and through a growing network of TechPartners (distribution partners).

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Joseph (Joe) Kiss. M.Eng., P.Eng.
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The Company, which was recapitalized in 2019, has become a leading modular manufacturing business serving western Canada and the United States. Today, the Company continues to execute sophisticated modular-based projects and is a trusted project partner alongside of a wide range of general contractors and clients.
23 May 2023
With thousands of modules of team experience, ROC has provided industry leading capabilities in all aspects of industrial module design and manufacturing. ROC and its predecessor have successfully designed and manufactured mobile office compounds, wash cars, workforce and drill camps, wellsite units, as well as numerous other custom industrial product offerings for remote settings.
14 Mar 2022
Joe Kiss, President and CEO of ROC commented, “Striking a relationship with a sophisticated and progressive firm like Synergy further emphasizes the emergence of modular as a vital tool in the construction toolbox. In addressing ongoing challenges related to environmental, social, and affordable housing issues, we are increasingly confident that the use of modular will accelerate dramatically for many years to come.
4 Nov 2021


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